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Unreleased Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat NES Nintendo

The NES collecting scene tends to have very persistent and dedicated detectives. Because of that, many unreleased games are well known about and have been heavily documented even if they’ve never been found or played.

That makes this game all the more interesting, as there isn’t much info out there. A seller has recently listed a UNRELEASED and UN-DUMPED Nintendo NES Flight Simulator game called Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat, origionally developed by Lerner Res for EA.

The seller says:

I can’t find any info on this version of the game and it may very well be that this is the only cart of this game out there. The guy who programmed it (Ed Lerner of Lerner Research) made it sound as if he gave me his only copy of it because no one else was interested in publishing a flight sim for the NES. EA thought that the game was too busy and complicated for an NES game, so they passed on it, although EA did publish Chuck Yaeger games for computers later on. My company made a controller that looked like a jet fighter control stick, and we had talked about publishing a game to package together with the controller so that’s why he thought I would be interested in it even though no one else was. He also gave me a video tape that show the gameplay. As you can see in the pics, the cart works fine. Let me know if you have any questions (or have more info on this game).

It also looks like the games is pretty close to a final playable version. In response to a question to that extent:

The game is pretty finished and polished and has never crashed while I have been playing it, but I have never played the game through to the end so I can’t say for sure. All of the menus and options seem to be active and fully functional also. As I recall my conversation with the guy, I certainly got the impression that it was complete and ready to be released (he thought EA was going to do it). The only thing he wanted to do was take out some of the extra numbers on the cockpit border indiciating altitude and stuff because he thought it made the screen look too busy, but I told him I thought they enhanced the gameplay. The video tape shows a polished product also.


Price has already broke $1,000 with three days to go. Unreleased and undumped games for ANY system are few and far in between, so this is one heck of an addition to a collection.


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