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This is one of those systems that I’m not overly familiar with. If you’re in the same boat, well the Pioneer LaserActive was a short lived console released by Pioneer in 1993. It utilized games on a Laserdisc (encoded as a LD-ROM). An LD-ROM had a 540MB data area (where digital audio would have normally been stored) with sixty minutes of analog audio and video. In addition to LaserActive games, separately sold add-on modules (referred to as “PAC” by Pioneer) expanded the hardware to include compatibility with the Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis and PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 game cartridges and HuCards and CDs.

Up for sale here are 15 of the 18 games for the US Pioneer LaserActive system. Half of these are still new & sealed, and the other half were purchased new & sealed by the seller to open and play. The three missing games from a US set are 3D Museum, Don Quixote, and Mellon Brains. You’ll need a CLD-A100 LaserActive player plus the proper expansion modules to play these. Mega LD games require the PAC-S10/PAC-S1 module (Sega), LD-ROM^2 games require the PAC-N10/PAC-N1 module (TurboGrafx).

Included are:

* Ghost Rush (new & sealed)
* Goku
* Great Pyramid, The (new & sealed)
* Hi-Roller Battle (new & sealed)
* Hyperion
* I Will: The Story Of London
* J.B. Harold – Blue Chicago Blues
* Manhattan Requiem (new & sealed)
* Pyramid Patrol (new & sealed)
* Quiz Econosaurus (new & sealed)
* Road Prosecutor
* Rocket Coaster (new & sealed)
* Space Berserker
* Triad Stone (new & sealed)
* Vajra

Again, I’m not a LaserActive guy, but the seller tells me that Blue Chicago Blues and Road Prosecutor are the two rare ones out of the bunch. Last complete Road Prosecutor he’s seen went for a little under $400. He’s also never seen an open sale for a copy of Blue Chicago Blues, and puts the same value on that as a minimum.

In general Blue Chicago Blue is considered to be to be by far the rarest US release, followed by the not included 3D Museum.

Auction Here

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