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Video Game Artwork On Etsy

After plastering, sanding, painting, electrical, moulding and flooring work, my new home office / game room is almost ready. I actually took some before and after shots, and will be posting them up some time along with a few tips for the renovating gamer who really has no idea what they’re doing (like me).

Given that I have a large shed, and no time (or desire) to play the vast majority of the games I own, I’m probably going to keep most of my collection in storage as opposed to lining the walls with shelving and games.

My focus is mostly going to be on creating a functional workspace where I can get things done (like churning out content for gameSniped), and displaying some of the items I’m most proud of. This however, is going to potentially leave a lot of dead wallspace. So that’s where I’m in need of decorations and artwork.

For the most part I’m not really interested in original vintage paintings, mockups and other related gaming artwork, both for the cost and difficulty in finding something from a series I enjoy. So my focus is most likely going to be on artist interpretations of characters (fanart) and vintage ads, all nicely framed.

Basically I’m trying to go a little modern with this room instead of the cluttered mess my gaming / storage room has always been. Although, with two kids, one of which is going to have their Lego in said office, it may be iffy.

Either way, Etsy has always been a great source for gaming related artwork, and I’ve mentioned things from there before.

I’m picking up a copy of this print for starters. A dramatic bit of Mega Man if you will.

At the end of the day, when Mega Man’s defeated every Master Robot, what’s left for him to do? He certainly can’t clean the house/laboratory… that’s Roll’s job. It’s a shame when technology outlives it’s usefulness.

Same artist also has a sweet Link Zelda one, where he`s pondering his crap. Quite suitable for a game room really, but not for me.

This other artist has some really cute art, which while not in the style for my office, would look great in my youngest sons room. My favorites being Link, Toad, Mega Man, Dr. Mario and Raccoon Mario.

Anyone else have any good suggestions for artwork, on Etsy or elsewhere?


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