Vintage NES Clone Systems

        Aaronix Computer TV Game Model AX-9900 – Looks to have a few design cues from the Sega Genesis model 1.  Also, features docking controllers that align flush with the system.  Seems like a pretty well-made clone, at least from an aesthetics standpoint.

        Spica Entertainment System – A surprisingly well-made clone.  At first glance it’s pretty much an exact rip-off of the original NES model.  However, this clone features a toploading cartridge slot, as well as stereo output and a cartridge eject mechanism (similar to Famicom/SNES).  Internally, it also uses individual chips directly cloned from NES hardware, so this system will probably play any game you can throw at it compared to most clones.

        Spica Entertainment Series Asian Version – A near exact replica of the original NES model, if it was made with cheap plastic and assembled hastily.


Buying a clone system?  Here’s some clone games:

 Item image        Star Wars Namco version 72-pin pirate

Item image        Fatal Fury 2 NES 72-pin pirate

Item image        Dragon Spirit CIB 72-pin pirate

Item image        Metro Cross CIB Supervision 72-pin pirate

Item image        Tom Sawyer NES Hi-Q Spica 72-pin pirate

Item image        Street Fighter IV NES 72-pin pirate


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