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I’m not sure how much interest these will garner, but I do know that we’ve featured some random Angry Video Game Nerd items that have sold for surprisingly high prices before.

Anyways, Handsome Tom has listed a few old promo items for the site. A Messenger Bag made by S. Craig and a 2006 Launch Poster.


Club Nintendo Super Mario Terrycloth Towel Collection
Holland Mario Pepsi Can #1
Holland Mario Pepsi Can #2
Vintage Sealed Pac-Man Party Plates
Vintage Sealed Space Ace Toys
Vintage Q-Bert Stickers
Vinatge Super Mario Window Shade
1992 Sonic 2 T-Shirt


32X Knuckles Chaotix – $114.34
Playchoice 10 Marquees – Mario, Golf, Rad Racer, Ninja Gaiden – $272.00
XBOX 360 Simpsons Contest LE Console – $2,082.00
425 SNES Manual Lot – $567.00
1984 Software Encyclopedia from Electronic Games – $203.54
Nintendo Zelda Promotional Wind Breaker Rare Vintage – $105.49
Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition #46/1000 – $560.00
XBOX 360 05 Launch Team LE System – $716.66
Vintage Collector Art Deco Pac Man Arcade Glass Mirror – $19.99
Metal Gear Solid 4 Ga-Ko Alarm Clock – $109.04
Vintage 1980’s Nintendo Punch Out Garbage Can – $52.50

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