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Wario Land & Other Cheap Sega Megadrive / Genesis Pirates

Title says it all.

Shipping from Korea at $15.00 kills it for one game, but they combine ship and will ship 100 games for the $15.00 price

Nintendo64 – Diddy Kong Racing Korean Version – $10.88 BIN
Harry Potter 1 Sega Pirate – $14.80 BIN
Harry Potter Sega Pirate & the Chamber of Secrets – $14.80 BIN
Lord Of The Rings Sega Pirate – $14.80 BIN
Tekken 3 Sega Pirate – $14.80 BIN
Wario Land – YES WARIO LAND! – $14.80 BIN
Game Boy Super Mario 3 Multicart – $14.80 BIN

Check out all the sellers items here, more Koreans versions and pirates. Mostly Sega, but some Nintendo stuff too.

Thanks Brett!


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