Watchlist Wednesday

I’m going to make this a regular feature, as my watch list tends to need pruning every week these days. We’ve had a couple slow days recently, so I plan to churn out a couple good posts over the next few days.

Huge 1991 Mario / Zelda School Poster

This is some GIANT promotional poster touting the Rain Forest or something like National Geographic, that featured Kool-Aid, M&M’s and starred Mario and Link in a cross promotion for Nintendo games. This is from May 1991 and is HUGE, measuring 72″ x 44″. I guess Nintendo intended these to be in schools or something. Anyway, the part where Mario and Link are shown is highlighted in the pic. It’s probably just a couple of square feet at the bottom, but this is so unusual and rare to see Mario and Link together is such an early promotional item–especially in something that looks like it was intended for schools.

PS1 Demo Lot

PS2 Demo Lot

Toomba 1/2 PS1 Demos

PS2 Kiosk Demo Discs

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition

Real Halo Armour

Handmade Metroid Resin Statue

PS2 Mortal Kombat Fatality Controllers

Complete Set Of Harvest Moon Plushies

Loose Resident Evil Figure Lot

Starcraft 2 Promo Standee

NES Test Station


Atari 2600 Defend Atlantis store contest standee

Boxed SNES Donkey Kong Competition Cart

NES Caltron 6 in 1

ColecoVision Galga (Port of the SG-1000 version)

NES Display Cards

Sega Channel Hoodie (XL) – I want to buy this and wear it.

Raiho Plush (Devil Summoner 2)

Earthbound Mach Pizza Air Freshener

1989 Topps Nintendo Blank Back Proof Card. Zelda

1989 Topps Nintendo Blank Back Proof Card. Mario Bros

Vintage QBert Bank

Sharp Famicom Titler

1995 Mani Nintendo Mario & Yoshi Music Centre

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Goron Doll

Super Mario 3 Nintendo Mcdonald Lot

Left 4 Dead Boomer Plush

Left 4 Dead Wood Bat Sales Kit

Set of 4 Super Mario 64 Magnets

Super Mario RPG GENO Notebook

Crash Bandicoot Plush

1990 Iron On Pattern Nintendo Mario 2 Shirt Designs New

Uniracers vinyl banner 36″x24″ Nintendo SNES

RARE Mindscape POSTER Data Age NICE CONDITON Atari 2600

RARE Mindscape record Data Age MINT CONDITON Atari 2600

Legend of Zelda history poster Nintendo Super Famicom

Set of 7 Rare Street Fighter II 2 Keyrings Capcom 1992

Very Big Assorted Nice Collection – Mostly Sealed (Thanks Val)

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