Wednesday Watch List Dump

It’s that time again. My watch list is overloaded and I need to clear out some room. There’s probably a few things here you’ve some before, some nifty stuff, some crap and several overpriced things.

My favorites though are this Space Invaders Pllowcase, a TG16 copy ofMagical Chase(I’ve written about Turbo Grafx Magical Chase before) and this cheap Super Mario Bros. The Movie Complete Card Set.

Super Street Fighter II PIN
Nintendo Super Mario Antenna Topper
Primal Rage Fanny Pack
Super Mario Bros Dixie Cup Holder
Nintendo Game Boy Gum
Super Mario Bubble Tape
Nintendo Virtual Boy Jack Bros.
Modern Warfare 2 Night Vision Goggles + Countdown Clock
Nintendo / Parco Mario Cups
Fatal Fury 2 Special Gamest Trading Cards Set
Mario Challenge Nintendo McDonald’s Happy Meal Bag
Nintendo Mario Kart 1993 Bandai Japanese Prism Cards
Nintendo 64 Super Mario 3-D Card Set
Super Mario 2 Supenders – Mentioned several times before I believe, along with the blue pair.
SNES Soul Blazer – On my watch list because it’s probably the most pictures I have ever seen in an auction.
Sweet Wario Ware Papercraft
1Up Crocheted Beanie
Mario Bros Tape.
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Floor Graphic
PAX XBOX Live Avatar Hoodie
Sony PS2 HDD-Kit for Development Tool DTL-H10030
Sketchy Looking Alien 3 Game Boy Demo
Grand Theft Auto IV Elizabeta Torres Wanted Poster
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Rotating Display
Sega Genesis Sealed Vectorman Sealed Factory Case
Super Mario Sunshine Vinyl Banner
PS1 Cloth Banner
Famicom Mini CD Collection
Resident Evil Ring
Game Boy Color Standee
Sega Saturn Sign
Neo Geo Ironclad Brikinger JP AES
Virtual Boy Space Invaders
Metal Gear Solid 2 MSX
SNES Super Contra III NFR Demo
85′ Nintendo Japan Ghouls N’ Ghosts Knight Figure
Nintendo Employee DK2 Country Promo Hat
Mario Party 3 N64 NFR Demo
Mario Tennis GB NFR Demo
Mario & Peach phone Cards
Megaman Rush Model

Case Of Mario power Up Energy Drink
Final Fantasy XII Judge Master Gabranth 1:1 Helm
Nintendo Employee Jacket
Nintendo Employee Appreciation Award


Nintendo Service Center Test Station Shirt
God of War 3 Limited Press Edition / Media Kit
Custom Amy Of Two Action Figures
Legend of Zelda Original Animation Production Cel
31 Animation Cels Including Captain N
Pac-Man Uncut Sticker Sheet


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