As I’m sure almost all of us that frequent this site like to purchase video game related items off of ebay I’m sure a large number of us, from time to time, also sell items on ebay to fund the hobby or just to make some extra cash. I recently took advantage of ebay’s 100 free listings at .99 and put around 65 or so strategy guides up (ranging from the NES to the X-box) from my collection…I had been collecting them for a while and decided to keep a few of my favorites and start offing the rest. I had acquired them over the years from friends, direct from stores, garage sales, thrift stores…you get the picture. Most were in brand new, unused condition though there were a few that weren’t too pretty, but I made sure to flip through them all to make sure no pages were missing and that any inserts that were supposed to be inside actually were. Some ended for prices higher than I thought, some ended surprisingly lower and some didn’t end for a price at all…everything was very typical. So I shipped the guides out accordingly and waited for some feedback to roll in…but a few days later I received a message from one of the winners that I certainly didn’t expect.

“Your shipment arrived to me today and it was in
the exact condition as described however there was
a folded picture of a nude women placed inside theÂ
Strategy Guide. Now I’m not offended
or anything but I’d go ahead and talk to the
people in your shipping department because not
everyone will be as nice as me and leave you a 5*
Positive feedback after something like this has occurred.”

…..whoops! I guess the moral of the story is to check all of your items thoroughly before you ship them, especially if you weren’t the original owner (and no, I wasn’t the person that stuck this in the guide…I swear!) I got a good, albeit nervous, laugh out of this so I thought I’d share the story and see what you would do if something like that popped out of an ebay item you had purchased. Has anyone gotten any unexpected surprises from auctions won? Share some stories!

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PowerFest 94 Hat
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