Wii Experience Championship Belt

Seems like these have been given away at Six Flags theme parks, at events held within the Wii Experience area. I can find refrences to at least two promos awarding them. One with the Three Point Shootout that is part of Wii Sport Resort and another with a timed Glass Joe in Punch-Out! knockout. I would guess a nice few of these have been given out.

Super tacky, but somehow awesome.

Auction Here


XBOX 360 Limited Edition Pepsi Console – This is actually one of the more reasonable prices which have been posted on these. $650 OBO. These were limited to 80 units.
Army Of Two Japanese Special Edition XBOX 360 Game – Sealed too.
NES Games on Gamegavel – Seller has posted roughly 600 titles from the NSTC set. Good chance to bundle some things.
Sweet Gameboy Lot – No crazy rarities or CIBs, but 350+ GBA and CBC games for less than a buck a piece.
Vintage Ms. Pac Man Towel – I think collecting towels puts you in a differnt level as a collector. I’m not saying I wouldn’t, in fact I definately would.
Vintage Sega Saturn Poster
Super Nintendo (SNES) Kirby Avalanche + Kirby’s Dream Course (NES M85KB) Store Display – Good shape, sealed in box.
Crysis 2 (Nano Edition) XBOX 360 – Still getting crazy prices.


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