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What’s The Deal With The Rising Prices For WWF No Mercy?? A Not So Rare Treasure

WWF No Mercy is a pro wrestling video game that was released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64. This WWF No Mercy N64 was created as a follow-up to the game WWF WrestleMania 2000 which was released in 1999.

WWF No Mercy also ended up being the last World Wrestling Federation game that released for the N64. This game was well liked by gamers as well as video game critics. To this day, it is still a favorite among N64 gamers.

So, What Is The Deal With The Rising Prices For WWF No Mercy

WWF No Mercy
Pic of a cart of 2000 release of WWF No Mercy

There are some differences between WWF No Mercy and WWF WrestleMania. In No Mercy, game players have many more choices in clothing, physical attributes of the wrestlers, and wrestling moves to choose from in the Create-A-Wrestler section of the game.

Up The Ante With The WWF No Mercy Roster

Being able to tailor and customize wrestlers in such great detail altered the WWF No Mercy roster.

WWF Wrestlemania had far fewer customization options.

Pick Up Your Copy Of WWF No Mercy Now

Another difference between the games is the way the wrestlers enter the wrestling ring. The wrestlers had an entire entrance sequence in WWF Wrestlemania.

WWF No Mercy Survival Mode Provide Even More Options

In No Mercy, that was essentially eliminated as wrestlers simply show up in the ring at the start of the wrestling match.

No Mercy has storylines that can be played out through the completion of numerous wrestling matches. Playing the WWF No Mercy Survival Mode enables players to purchase various props, clothing, weapons, characters that are locked, and more. In No Mercy, wrestlers are also capable of fighting backstage which was a new feature in WWF wrestling video games.

A version of No Mercy was supposed to release for Game Boy Color. It would supposedly be developed by AKI. However, plans fell through and the game was eventually canceled prior to its release.

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