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XBOX 360 Vision Beta Development Camera

These look pretty cool. Anyone happen to know more about them?

3x Genuine XBOX 360 LIVE Vision cameras – these are BETA – Pre-Release cameras that were used in the production of the XBOX Live Vision camera. They come in a clear yellow case which is hinged and opens to access the circuitry. They work fine with any Xbox 360 (that I have tested with anyway!) These are collectors items!

The lenses focus are adjustable and they have a very long ‘Microsoft’ usb cable attached.

There is a sticker on the back of them which says – Chicony EV1B065-04/21, EV1B010-04/21 & EV1B029-04/21 (each sticker is different on each camera)

They also have what looks like a removable flash memory chip, possibly for debugging or firmware upgrades.

Auction Here


Zelda 35mm Ocarina of Time Trailer Commercial (Thanks Brett!)

The trailer was distributed to theaters back in 1998 to promote the sale of the video game. This trailer was run for a few weeks. It has been sitting in a box for many years now and is in excellent condition. The original band has been broken (obviously this is required for it to be shown in theaters) but has been put back on the trailer and is still readable. The band reads as follows: SCREENVISION FLT 11/6-12/3/98

Mega Man 9 Press Kit (Thanks Christian!)

Auction says 200, but if memory serves me right they did another run. Not sure what the entire amount was.

Nintendo Gameboy Advance DEV Console – One half of the kit needed to make and test gameboy games

2x XBOX 360 DEV Console 213W (5V-3A) XeDK Power Supplies

Sony PS2 Development Dev Tool DTL-H20400 40GB Drive – It doesn’t include the PCMCIA card to connect it to a PS2 dev system, but it is certainly cheap – $20.00. Seller has six of them. (Thanks mb7241!)

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