Zelda Plastic Model Kit and E3 Statue

Today’s goodies include a small Zelda statue from E3 1997. Personally I think his face is a tad bit weird, but overall it’s a very nice piece for any Zelda collection. Currently there are two of them on ebay, both taking offers. I believe they stand a little taller then the First 4 Figure regular statues at about a foot.

Zelda E3 Statues

We also have an Ocarina of Time model kit from Heller. This one is open but unused. I think it would be great to keep a brand new one, and use this one and paint it up for display. I don’t believe many people have one actually set up as intended, so it would defiantly stand out!

Model Kit by Heller

Now this seller has items from promo buttons, to demo carts to download stations. Only has a few auctions, but still worth checking out!

Demo Carts, Download Stations, etc

Also, this is one of the more interesting auctions I have ever seen, and they are also very rare.

Famicon erasers!Â

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