1024 SEGA prototype releases at once. OMG

DRX releaseÂ

By far the hugest, fattest, most incredible public release, leak, dump in videogames’history.

1024 -Â one thousand and twenty four (10000000000 in binary numerals) single prototypes for Genesis, Game Gear, 32X, Pico and GameCube.


Alpha builds, betas and even some unreleased ones! Sonic protos, the famous Ristar…man…Pico protos!!! I didn’t even think about the Pico being able to have protos! For me it was like the games just appeared in a nursery thanks to a magic enchantment, ready to be put in the console!

All thanks goes to our generous DRX, who sold his left kidney, an eye, some nails and spent hours, days, years to get this huge archive and release it all at once, or, at least, in a few hours-days.

His Hidden Palace, where you can find the links for the protos, has already an impressive library of betas, alphas and unreleased games, all put toghether with dedition …and money. That’s why if you enjoy his releases, you may think about a donation. Check his website!!!!

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.

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