1989 Topps Nintendo Bubble Gum Dispensers

I’ve never seen these before, let alone a sealed box of them.

Offered is an original complete box of 1989 Topps Nintendo Bubble Gum Dispensers – sealed as issued form the factory. I believe this contains figural candy containers of Mario and Link from Zelda – the only box of this brand I have in my collection. There’s a few tears in the cellophane, otherwise clean.

Auction Here


Halo Master Chief Sideshow Exclusive Premium Format Statue – Weird auction. This version of this statue (yet to be shipped by Sideshow) was limited to 300 and sold out to pre-orders. The seller clearly says this is a pre-order and they won’t have it until May. Why sell it for less than it costs then? The original price on Sideshow’s website is $399.99 and this auction is going for $380. If you add up the shipping costs it comes to $450 but you have to consider Sideshow charges for shipping as well, plus taxes. Also, I’ll note that the other non-Needler version of the statue which is limited to 750 hasn’t sold out yet and can be found here. Both versions are a mind-blowing 25″ tall.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Dark Link Statue – There are two versions of this statue as well. The exclusive version was limited to 725 and had eyes that lit up red along with other slowly pulsing lights in the water area below. On auction here is the more basic version which was limited to 2,500. This larger run of figures does not have the lights included in the other version I mentioned earlier but is still very impressive. It hasn’t sold out yet though, you can buy one now for $169.99 here. However, the auction listed here today is taking bids with no reserve. It’s a chance to get it for less than the original price.

World of Warcraft Pandarian Monk Statue – This large limited statue was made available through Blizzard’s online store, and is now on eBay with a low starting BIN and no reserve.

Pepsi Twist Super Mario Caps Set of 17 – Japan always gets the best stuff. These Pepsi caps each feature a pixel-style Mario figure.

Pepsi Twist Super Mario Bros Rolls of Tape Set of 8 – Tape with a Super Mario Bros side scrolling level print on each. All sealed.

Bioshock 2 Arcadia Wine Bottle Promo – Another of those wine bottles that were scattered over various beaches as a promo for Bioshock 2. This bottle is still sealed with the posters inside.

Playstation 3 Light Sign – Light for the PS3 logo to glow red. It’s actually meant to be part of a PS3 kiosk but was removed. Works fine as a sign.

Sonic the Hedgehog Neck Tie – Nice tie.

Space Channel 5 Lunch Box – Great condition.

Nintendo Color TV Game 15 (1977) – The original box and inserts are included in the auction but the box is unfortunately covered in aged tape. – Vintage 1993. Sealed in the original plastic and the seller has two of them (sold separately).

Call of Duty Black Ops II Banner – This banner measures at an impressive 6 feet wide by 3 feet tall. Hope the buyer has quite a bit of wall space available.

PlayStation 2 (SCPH-37000 Ocean Blue) Console – Nice coloured variant.

Nintendo NES 156 Manual Lot (Instruction Booklet) – Nice lot.

Nintendo Super Mario Race Wrist Watch Game – Love the colors on the strap.

Thanks for the submission VG. Returning the favor.

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