5000+ Unique Title Video Game Collection

This is definitely one of the better lots I have seen on eBay. With around 9000 total titles it puts the asking price at roughly $6.30 per game. Very possibly worth it if you are going into this for resale, but still that is a high cost per game in such bulk. There is definitely some reseller out there somewhere doing a complete cost analysis of this though.

Auction Here


Rifts: Promise of Power (N-Gage) Autographed by Kevin Siembiedav – Kevin Siembieda is the President of Palladium Books. Palladium is the company responsible for the Rifts franchise in the first place, so having a copy signed by him is akin to having a copy of Metal Gear Solid signed by Hideo Kojima.
Nintendo DSi Development Unit
XBOX 360 XDK Developer Kit Sidecar Bundle – The XDK has a full sidecar with DVD PIX and EMU ports.
Resident Evil Gamecube Standee
Fallout 3 Promo Rare Tin Can With T-Shirt – This set was promotional item given as pre-order bonus by Cenega’s shop in Poland.
KillZone Life Size Rare Helghast Statue – Released to a small number of European videogame retailers to promote the release of the first Killzone game on the Playstation 2 in 2004.
Sony PlayStation 1 Blue Console (NTSC – DTL-H1001) Debugging Station – Remember when assembler had these by the Pallet? Good times.
Monkey Island Guybrush Voodoo Doll – Used to be super cheap when they first showed up. Not so much now.


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