Every US Released SNES Game

Here we have quite possibly one of the most interesting auctions that you’ll see on eBay this whole year: THE ENTIRE US SUPER NINTENDO COLLECTION – COMPLETE!

That’s right, all 720 unique carts, and a bonus 74 sealed duplicate carts.

Complete SNES CollectionComplete SNES CollectionComplete SNES Collection

While a complete NES collection has been sold via eBay several times, this is to my knowledge the only time a complete Super Nintendo collection has been available. In fact, I can only think of a handful of collectors who have managed to achieve this feat.

I sat down with dkazz1, the seller and asked him a few questions about the auction. His answers are in bold, my questions are italicized.

Thanks for taking the moment to answer a few questions. Completing a full SNES collection is quite an amazing feat. How long did it take for you to assemble ?

No problem at all. In all it took about one to two years to get everything together.

So, after all the effort and cost that went into this, why have you decided to sell it?

Well, I’ve reached the point where collecting isn’t such a priority anymore. That and I don’t have time to enjoy playing the games. So I might as well sell it to someone else who will be able to fully enjoy it.

Did you purchase large lots mostly to fill it in, or build it piece by piece?

I bought major lots over a period of a few years, that built the bulk of my collection (not just SNES but NES and Genesis too). Then it was just bits and pieces here and there.

Do you know of many other people with a complete SNES collection? It’s not what I would call any easy system to finish.

I know of possibly a few who have ever cart and I believe there is someone out there trying to get every game brand new factory sealed, but I don’t know that for sure. You’re right though, a far as difficulty in collecting games for a whole system, Super Nintendo is somewhere up there by the top.

While there are a lot of rarities in there, overall what was the hardest thing to find?

Probably Ren & Stimpy Fire Dogs or a Complete Final Fight Guy in good shape, that box is near impossible to find without rental stickers on it.

Was there anything that is generally regarded as being common that you had a difficult time obtaining?

Not much of anything, a few boxes and manuals were harder to find, but the Digital Press Advance Guide was pretty much on with its ratings.

If you were stuck on an Island with a SNES and five games, what ones would they be?

SNES games would be the last thing I would want to be stuck on an island with. I’d take 3 beautiful woman, an endless supply of Bud Light and another beautiful woman. lol

Do you think things like the Wii virtual console are going to have
an effect on current SNES prices as old games get re-released?

I really don’t deal with the current scene of games (I’m more of an
arcade guy now) so I can’t say for sure.

Lastly, anything you’d like to say to potential bidders?

Anyone buying it is getting a hell of set. The starting price is
higher, but so is the quality. I won’t be giving it away.

There you have it. A big thank you to the seller for his time.

As far as I’m concerned this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I wish the best of luck to any bidders.


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