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A Path filled with Game Boy and a papercraft

I ran across this site several years ago (maybe some of you have already seen it) while looking for Game Boy related stuff. I’ve always wanted to try making these but unfortunately I live in an apartment in NYC. Maybe one day I’ll put it in my walls.

Gijs Gieskes created these awesome Game Boy bricks back in 2006. They just look so cool in the ground. He did say that it took him awhile to finalize them since in the beginning they would explode inside of the oven. It looks fairly easy to do actually and since then there have been alot of websites offering guides on how to make bricks. Heres one. If you don’t want to take a shot at it, Gijs sells them on his website.


In other related but in a more artistic approach, here’s an amazing papercraft of the original Game Boy. I don’t think this guy sells these, but they are eye candy. Enjoy your weekend folks!

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