August 2011 Auctions in Review – N64, SNES, Gamecube, Virtual Boy

With some of the changes coming soon, I thought I’d bring back a great little feature where I look at some of the auctions that closed over the previous month. These are auctions which fetched the highest prices, are rare or just caught my eye somehow.

There’s a few Nintendo systems in this installment, and I’ll post some other ones over the coming week.


N64 DD Radnet Starter KIT+8Games JAPAN MINT Nintendo JP – $897.77
Super Mario 64, Sealed Graded VGA 85+ N64
– $510.00
Nintendo 64 System! New & Factory Sealed! N64 N 64 NES
– $500.00
GoldenEye 007 Nintendo N64 – New & Sealed VGA 85 NM+ – $401.00
CONKER’S BAD FUR DAY promo/display Very – $207.50
– $200.00

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Gotta love the $1,100 difference between the sealed and VGA Zelda.However, the most interesting for me are the last two on the list.

The Conker`s Bad Fur Promo Box day is extremely rare from what I’ve seen, and most ones I know of to date are missing the slipcase and / or the T-Shirt. It`s a retailer promo box with T-shirt, pill bottle with jelly beans, the N64 game, and a VHS. Also includes a letter to the retailer. If I was into N64, I`d want this badly.

You also have the Nintendo Power 100th Issue Gold Controller. This was available for a short period of time to subscribers of Nintendo Power Magazine roughly around in September 1997. Nintendo later gave away gold controllers with a bundle pack, but the 100th Issue versions are marked with a decal.


Factory Sealed Nintendo Snes Hagane the Final Conflict
– $2,026.01
SEALED VGA 90 Hagane the Final Conflict SNES Nintendo – $1,400.00
Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge (SNES) RARE – $600.00
Super Nintendo SNES Battletoads in Battlemaniacs Sealed
– $470.00
Factory Sealed SWAT Kats Snes (Super Nintendo,1996)NIB
– $405.00
Super Nintendo SNES Earthbound Air Freshner Ultra Rare! – $200.00
TOP GEAR 3000 Factory Sealed SNES Super Nintendo
– $197.00
Kirby’s Dream Land 3 Super Nintendo , Kirby SNES CIB!– $160.00
Wild Guns Super Nintendo Snes Complete Game Rare– $149.99
Genuine Nintendo SNES Retail Flip Rack Display Unit– $125.00
Pocky & Rocky 2 Super Nintendo , Pocky Rocky 2 SNES– $115.00

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I love the price difference between the graded and non graded sealed Haganes. This sealed Three Ninjas also sold for $2,000 but was relisted.


Nintendo Dolphin Gamecube Development Kit– $442.77
BIOHAZARD Resident Evil Collectors Box ? Gamecube JPN– $379.99
Gamecube Paper Mario Thousand Year Door – New & Sealed – $305.00
Pokemon Box: Ruby and Sapphire – $283.89
GAMECUBE+GAMEBOY PLAYER (Tales of Symphonia Pack) – $203.62

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Virtual Boy

Space Invaders Virtual Collection, Nintendo Virtual Boy– $224.19
Jack Bros. for Virtual Boy Boxed, With Manuals!– $200.00
Nintendo Virtual Boy FlashBoy Plus Flash Cartridge + – $165.49

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