Bandai Datach Joint ROM System


One of only two third-party units that actually interfaced with the Famicom (the other being the Aladdin Deck Enhancer), which allowed the user to swipe cards included with the various compatible Bandai game cartridges. The unit was bundled with Dragon Ball Z: Gekitō Tenkaichi Budokai, as well as the cards needed for operation. Truly a unique item for its time – reminds me of the e-Reader that Nintendo released for the Game Boy Advance a decade later!

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Other Items:


Nintendo Power Play it Loud soundtrack – Promotional Nintendo Power CD circa Nintendo’s SNES-era “Play It Loud” ad campaign. Likely ended by the time of this posting

Parappa The Rapper (PS2) CD – A similar promotional CD, this time featuring four tracks from Parappa the Rapper 2

Final Fantasy VII 7 Store Display Cloud Standee Playstation Square-Soft Pepsi – The second Pepsi video game standee I’ve seen lately

Metal Gear Solid 3 – Snake Eater (Premium Package) – NTSC-J for PS2 – Includes a variety of goodies, including bonus DVD, artbook, and a Shagohod figurine. NTSC-J

Nintendo Power 100 Coin Set – Commemorative coin set made available via Nintendo Power to celebrate their 100th issue. Remember, Nintendo Power collectibles have been appreciating quite quickly after the magazine’s demise

Nintendo Game Cube SAMMY KEYBOARD CONTROLLER GC Japan Phantasy Star Online 3 – A bizarre solution for keyboard input on the Gamecube – a QWERTY keyboard quite literally sandwiched between two sides of a Gamecube controller. Marketed for Phantasy Star Online Episode 3

1983 Space Ace animated cartoon Video Game Laserdisc – Not sure if this disc is a true arcade version or a later print, but contains the full game footage either way (and should theoretically work as a replacement on an original arcade unit)

PS1 SaGa Frontier II (2) – Square Millenium Collection LIMITED EDITION + T-SHIRT – Another one of Square’s “Millenium Edition” premium versions of their PS1 classics – this one doesn’t offer a nice figure like its Xenogears counterpart, but instead a glaringly out-of-place SaGa Frontier II plate and cup set…



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