Belgium Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Nintendo 64 Pack

Alright, I freely admit I know nothing more about this other than the auction data.

How did I get it?
I bought this box years ago from a former Belgian Nintendo Employee for a reasonable price (for a Brand New Nintendo 64) She obtained it as a Christmas Present. On the side flap of the box was a big white label in four languages: “Kerstcadeau, mag niet verkocht worden” What means: “Christmas Present, not for Resale”. Unfortunately she teared the label to have a look inside the box before selling 🙁 . Most parts of the Label are still present on the box!

Box is in good condition, some marks of the “teared label”. Voucher is still present and fixed on the box with a tear-strip. (Other two version I saw before didn’t have the Voucher anymore.) Despite the voucher is still present, I will provide the Mario 64 Limited Box version, because it was included when I bought it.
Everything in the box is BRAND NEW, NEVER TOUCHED!

What’s included in this auction?
In this auction you will receive:

* Brand New Nintendo 64 PAL Console Black with all paperwork, Controller and Cables
* The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Game-Cartridge with all paperwork
* The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Limited Box Version
* Super Mario 64 Limited Edition with VHS tape.

Some random BOX-text (translated from French or Dutch Language:
“Nintendo Expert Club 0900-00 900”

“641597013 This is your personal access code for Nintendo Expert World. Become a member and receive a FREE Super Mario 64*! (*While Stock last)

“Limited Club Offer”

“Buy this Nintendo 64, you can choose one game from “Ready to Feel everything” Collection

“The Nintendo Expert World: A lot more than an ordinary club”

“Nintendo 64 Feel Everything”

Barcode: 0045496340018 (Same as a “regular” PAL N64 Box.)

BIN is here, $1500.00.
10% of this auction does go to Child’s Play, but still seems rather pricey. (Thanks Jeroen!)


Nintendo E3 2006 Press Kit SIGNED by Shigeru Miyamoto

This is a press kit from Nintendo’s 2006 E3 press conference signed by Super Mario Bros. creator Shigeru Miyamoto. In an impromptu signing during the last few minutes of E3 2006, I found a large crowd gathered at Nintendo’s booth. I luckily had something unique to get signed. The press kit itself is a rare item as it was only given out to media that was in attendance at Nintendo’s press conference. It includes a CD of assets and prints of press releases. The CD contains screenshots of newly announced games and of pictures of the newly announced Wii. The press releases include information on the Wii and newly announced Nintendo DS Lite.

MIYAMOTO SIGNED Super Mario World Game Nintendo SNES

Signed by Shigeru Miyamoto himself around SpaceWorld EXPO 1999 Tokyo

How did I get it?
Got it from the most famous Dutch Game-reporter. He went on a trip to Tokyo for the SpaceWorld EXPO 1999. In that trip they had a planned meet & greet with Mario founder Shigeru Miyamoto. This Super Mario World SNES game was signed by Miyamoto on Sept 1, 1999 or Sept 3, 1999 (please have a look at picture 2).
At the same meet & greet, Miyamoto also signed a PAL N64 Ocarina of Time Cartridge. Unfortunately I don’t know who owns it is at the moment.

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