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BioShock Adam Extractor Syringe

Pretty nifty handmade replica.


Here is an Adam Extractor I made from different materials including but not limited to, a Vintage Brass Gas Pump Nozzle, Steel, Glass, Plastic, Rubber, Aluminium, and ADAM “not really, its petroleum jelly that has been tinted”. It is not a toy to be played with but an item to display. Very heavy and sharp points. The Gas Pump Handle still operates as it should.



Cheap SFC/SNES Final Fantasy 5 Complete. Seems cheap to me at $18.00 shipped, so I just grabbed one – more left too. Seller has some nice SFC / Famicom games with decent shipping from overseas.

PAL SNES Bart’s Nightmare Proto – On CTCW.

Gamecube Dolphin GDEV Dec System – On CTCW, system only no cart.

Custom LEGO Halo Red Hybrid Elite Minifig – One of my fav custom video game themed minifigs to date.

XBOX Demo Kiosk – With crappy pics.

Amazing Sealed Auction – If you enjoy massively overpriced sealed RPGs.


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