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Blackjack & Backgammon

I love backgammon. Unfortunately, most people I know have no clue what it is. If I do talk about it, I often have to describe it as a cross between Risk and Chess. If you play the game, you know that that’s a very poor description however. The game is requires substantial strategy, but since it is a dice based game as well, there is an element of chance as well. It makes a great game for wagering at too boot! =) 

I normally play at Backgammon Masters, and now they’ve gone and introduced blackjack to their games (which also includes others like Poker and Perudo). From the site:

The BackgammonMasters BlackJack game, offers a multiplayer table where up to five players are spaciously seated and playing at the same table simultaneously, with the option of participating in real-time chat. Besides the sophisticated graphics and avatar modes, the software includes a unique View Mode adding another dimension to the fast-paced game whereby players can sit in on an existing game and watch the action before joining in.

But, who cares what their description is? Bottom line is that it’s another game I love, that I can play without other software. Tons of free special tournaments are ongoing too, to celebrate the launch. The software is great, and heads above some of the other sites I’ve played on.

Anyway’s, if you’re a fan of either game, check it out.

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