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This Undiscovered Blockbuster Video Game Championship Collection May End With Thousands Of Bids

*Ed Note 2: Can’t Believe I’m typing this but the listing was relisted (AGAIN) at $2,499 here

So a lot of us remember the early days of gaming. If you wanted to try out a game before you blew your allowance buying it, you headed to your local Blockbuster to rent it and play without commitment. You remember Blockbuster, right? The one I went to was a big blue building with the trademark yellow lettering. There would be rows and rows of movies (VHS tapes back then, DVDs later) and eventually they added a section for video games. Your options were limited to Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo. The Blockbuster Video Game section in my store was near the front of the store, tucked in a corner near the register.

In the mid-90s, Blockbuster followed Nintendo’s lead and decided to start a championship tournament for gamers. Thus was born the Blockbuster Video Game Championship. The local competitions took place in the local stores and led up to a state competition. The 1994 competition consisted of one game per week for three weeks. Qualifiers moved on to the national championship. The ’94 championship consisted of Super Streetfighter II for SNES and Virtua Racing for Sega Genesis. The entrants got a whole bunch of swag and stuff from Blockbuster as well as Nintendo and Sega.


The reason I’m bringing all of this up is because I came across this listing on eBay: Blockbu1ster World Video Game Championship 1994 SNES LOT. This guy was his state champ and went onto the Blockbuster Video Game National Championship in 1994. He put up every piece of memorabilia he has, documents, brochures, t-shirts, etc., even his trophy. This would be an interesting collection to have, maybe a little like something you might expect to see in a gaming museum. It’s not cheap, but it is one of a kind for sure.

In honor of this, I’ll list additional Sega and NES finds:

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