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Bootleg Lots for DS Games

Bootlegs/pirated games have always been a major problem for the video game industry dating back to the NES days. What was once just a way to probably make a little bit of money on the side have turned into a multi-million dollar operation in today’s time. I remember back when EB Games were EB Games (not part of GameStop), when they even had some multi-cart GameBoy games on display for sale. If you try to sell them on ebay now, almost 80-90% of the time the auctions or listings would either be removed while it’s ongoing or after the auction is done. The Chinese however, have figured out a clever way to beat the system: Sell it in bulk.

I have to admit, the Chinese have once again come up with a way to sell these quick and to make the most out of these pirated DS games. This listing of Orcs and Elves for the DS of 100 cartridges sold for $299 ($3 a game). Thats probably not much to you a me, but imagine yourself packing 100 of those individually. It’s definitely troublesome. The same seller also sold 100 cartridges for SimAnimals again for the DS and again for same price of $299. The buyers of these lots most likely are unaware of what this seller have. If you look at Orcs and Elves lot, the seller has 10 of these for sale – thats 1,000 pirated DS games! The same seller is stupid enough to list 3,500 non working bootlegs 😉

These Chinese pirates work like worker ants. They know how to follow each other’s footsteps. I honestly believe that some of them either work together, or they’re the same seller throughout eBay disguised as another seller selling the same shit.

Like most criminals, they usually leave a trace behind. The method to their madness is by re-listing the same listing over and over again and with the same title too (Bulk DS Games, etc. etc.) and they don’t usually do BIN’s but rather they use the auction style method since it is a guaranteed sale. These are just some of the games being offered in these bootleg lots:

Littlest Pet Shop Winter
Skate it
EA PlayGround
My Sims Kingdom
Littlest Pet Shop GARDEN
Sim City Creator
Littlest Pet Shop Jungle
The Sims 2 Apartment Pets
Orcs and Elves
Fifa 09

I believe that there are probably restrictions now on selling first party Nintendo DS titles on eBay and that is why the pirates have move onto 3rd party games instead.

If you think that’s bad, then wait until you hear these 2 stories which is quite unrelated to gaming but completely relate to Chinese and the shit they do to try to imitate:

Story 1: Chinese Toy Maker was asked to apologize in public for making Gundam-like toys.

Bandai-Namco is the owner of the Gundam franchise. They pretty much make all the Gundam toys that you see at conventions and everything that’s coming out in Japan. But in China, one toy manufacturer, Hongli, was asked to pay for legal fees of $120,000 and was also asked to apologize in Business China for making the bootleg Gundam lookalike toys. The Chinese loves Gundam. But more-so for business owners looking to cash in on the fun. At one point, they even erected a Gundam look-alike statue, in Orange!

Story 2: Don’t have an Official Apple Store in China? Let’s pretend we’re one!

A huge splash this is to the Apple community. A store in Kunning, China looked exactly like a typical Apple Store down from the products they typically sell, to the look and feel. And it’s not just one store that’s doing this, other stores have copied the idea as well. They love copying things, they copy each other! Customers who found out that the store was a fake Apple store are outraged by it and demanded a refund while Chinese authorities are investigating the stores that are involved with the scheme.


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