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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Early Copies

It’s always nice to get something before everyone else gets it, isnt it? There’s always that notion that if we get it first, people think or might think that we’re “cooler” than others. I mean, look at how we deal with new releases lately. We either pre-order, line up for days (or weeks) before its release (anyone seen Star Wait?). People even line up to get a new phone. Here in NYC, people even line up for nothing.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is coming out within a few days. The hype is already insane. It’s another Call of Duty year, and another multi-million dollar seller for Activision. Release dates are always meant to be broken. Maybe not as often with major stores like Walmart, Best Buy, or Toys R Us, but they do happen and when it does, the internet is the second to know for sure. A few Kmarts here in U.S. broke a street date for MW3 and a few have made it on eBay. A few copies on eBay sold for as much as $230 for the Xbox 360 version with a promise of overnight shipping. In a few short days, the person who bought that very same copy will be able to get it everywhere for $170 less. Here’s a Ps3 version that sold for $220.

Here’s a copy from an independent store (I think). Sold for an insane amount. Its probably BS.

This isn’t the first time this happened. I can recall other games being sold days or weeks prior to release with people getting banned on Xbox Live after being caught. If anything, the stores that leaked the copies early should be punished and fined – not the user. In a recent article by Joystiq, the official stance seems to be that “players with early copies of Modern Warfare 3 will not be banned or otherwise punished for playing the game online.”


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