Captain Novolin Complete with Doctors Loaner Sleeve

I promised a little more info on this one, so here it is. Captain Novolin is a SNES game starring a superhero who has Type 1 diabetes. It was sponsored by Novo Nordisk, makers of the Novolin brand of insulin. It is believed it was sold by Novo Care to Childhood Diabetes in-patient care clinics directly and via calling their office or mail order.

This game itself is semi-rare (R7) but much harder to find with the doctors sleeve/slipcase. The entire boxed game fits inside the sleeve and there is a signout list for patients to borrow it from the doctors office on the back.

Apparently the sleeve is not a Nintendo manufactured item, but was done in-house by NovoCare. Which makes sense given the lack on any Nintendo seals or references.

Auction Here – I haven’t seen one sell in quite sometime and since the SNES has spiked lately, it will be interested to see end.

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