Casio LCD & Wrist Watch Handheld Games

When I was a kid back in the 80’s, digital display wrist watches was one of those things that we all had. I remember a friend who didn’t wanna be 1 uped had at least 4 or 5 of them. They were all just typical lcd wrist watches – but we all thought it was cool as hell. Little did we know, Casio were also making these uber cool watches with built in games. While I never went as far as just a regular wrist watch, a few friends of mine got some of these and boy these were the coolest things since the Game & Watch we thought. Everyday, at least one kid had to spend the entire day in detention because they thought these things would deter a child’s attention from learning.

Fast forward to maybe a year ago, I saw one of these watches while walking down the street in my neighborhood. It made me look these things up and was in shock to find that these have become collectibles as well. These days it doesn’t really seemed like there were as many listed as it did last year when I first started doing the research. Some of these watches were going for as much as $400 to $500.

Casio is known to make gadgets such as the digital wrist watch, portable organs, and of course calculators. They were pioneers of their time and still is today. They were the first to release a pocket sized lcd tv back in the 80’s as well as the first digital camera to include an lcd monitor built in.

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