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Christmas Contest Sponsor – offers reproduction NES cartridges of games that never had an official release. These include completed games and unreleased prototypes that never made it to market like the famous Earthbound 0, California Raisins and Drac’s Night Out. They also have fan translations of Japan only games (like Final Fantasy 2 and 3), home brew/hacked games and finally pirate cartridges. My personal favorites are random horrible/awesome games like Earthworm Jim 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Plus, if there’s some sort of horrible (but awesome) game out there you DESPERATELY want to see in cart form, they’ll be able to set you up.

They also offer a small but growing selection of Genesis and SNES cartridges. This includes awesome games like the Dragon Warrior 1/2 compilation which they’ll be hooking us up with to give away.

Check out the site, especially their four for $100.00 NES Deal.

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