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Christmas Contest Sponsor: Wal R Us Custom NES Boxes

wal r us games You may remember the NES Duck Hunt / Super Mario boxes from last month. Well it looks like UncleTusk is at it again, releasing another new box. This time, it’s for Super Mario / Duck Hunt / Track Meet.

This box looks just as great as the first, and would be the perfect home for your orphaned NES cart. Tusk has kindly donated several copies of both boxes to this years contest, along with some of his NWC repo posters.

Both boxes are available for purchase on eBay, as is the poster. (Poster, SMB/DH/TM Box, SMB/DH Box) Either would make an excellent gift for the collector in your life. I can imagine the confusion if they’ve missed the fact that these have been released. WHERE DID YOU GET THIS??!?!!?

Tusk has also opened up shop with his own website at He has all three of the above mentioned items as well as some very nice and rare CIB items. In fact, there’s a very nice CIB Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes for $15.00 that I have my eye on. There’s much more interesting stuff though, like CIB copies of Action 52, Classic Series Blades of Steel, Bomberman II, Bonk’s Adventure, Color A Dinosaur, DK Jr Math and more.

Homebrew and promo item creators should take note as well. Tusk says he’s happy to help with custom made NES items. If you need large boxes, small boxes, manuals, posters, other inserts, or more printed, feel free to drop him an email at

He’s got a few of these on the way to me in the mail, and I’ll post again once they arrive. I can’t wait to get my hands on them actually, as I’ve heard they look just as awesome (if not better) in person. Custom NES Boxes


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