Coke or Pepsi? The Battle Continues

First came Mario vs. Sonic. Then came Sony vs. Nintendo. But before all that came a much greater rivalry – Coke vs. Pepsi, a war that still rages today. Even video games became a battleground between the two soft drinks over the years – just look at these two items!

Coca-Cola Game Gear (with Coca-Cola Kid game) – A specially branded Coca-Cola Game Gear, with a bundled-in game called Coca-Cola kid. Distributed in limited quantities in Japan. One of these bad boys is on display at the official Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta!

Pepsiman SONY PlayStation PS1 GAME JAPAN – A relatively famous promo game by Pepsi for the PS1 in Japan, you control the tokusatsu hero/advertising icon Pepsiman in a bizarre endless runner. Pepsiman got even more merch later on – even figures were made!

Other Auctions:

Nintendo Power Presents Luigi’s Mansion figure – Another one of the rare JoyRide Studios figurine, featuring Luigi and his Poltergust 3000 from Luigi’s Mansion

Portal gun signed by valve – One of the NECA 1:1 scale replica Portal Guns, signed by Valve staff

Original Nintendo Gameboy Fiberoptic Display Sign – Another gorgeous Nintendo fiber-optic sign, this time for the Game Boy

Super wild card 3.5″ rom dumper copier for super nintendo – One of the more famous cart dumpers/copiers for the SNES. Uses 3.5″ floppies, but a good buy for proto collectors who want to try their game but don’t want to put any wear on it

METAL GEAR SOLID 2 KONAMISTYLE MULTI TOOL – Ever find yourself branded and naked aboard a submersible base deep under the water in Manhattan Harbor? Sneak your way out with your official Metal Gear Solid 2 multitool!

Recently Ended:

PSX – Namco Museum Encore Limited Box Vol.1-6 – JAPAN JP – A fancy box set containing all installments of Namco Museum for the PS1. JP


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