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Complete Japanese Megadrive & Mega CD Sets

These are awesome. Fully complete sets and while the price is high, it’s not completely ridiculous. I’ll be honest, If I had more money, was not married and had no kids, I would consider these.

My reasoning being that collecting full Japanese sets is borderline impossible for North American collectors. Yes I know it has been done, but it’s damn hard. This set has some brutal $1000+ games as well. Most of them being late releases of Acclaim games that would be common as dirt elsewhere. Maximum Carnage as an example.

Megadrive Set HereMega CD Set Here

$12,000 and $3,500 OBO respectively.

From the seller:

This is my personal collection. I have bought 2 or more units of each game (yes, including the extra-rare ones of Acclaim, you can see them doubled in the pics) during the last 10 years, and I only kept, each time, the VERY BEST copies for my personal collection, so you can be certain you’d get the best condition possible. I’ve given special attention to search ALL the registration cards, promotional sheets and publicity that were sold originally with each game. That’s a huge work that I think you will not see again in eBay.

So this is a lifetime opportunity to get the FULLSET of one of the most influent and charismatic videogame system of all time.

You will get all the 438 official games complete, and if it sells for the Buy it now price, I will add aprox. 20 games more, including rarities not for sell like San San or Pro Yakyu Van, A LOT of pristine hardware (6 or 7 different and mint systems, official pads, joysticks, and mostly all the things you can see in the pics)

Probably you know that, but some of the games are worth +800 EUR by themself, there are dozens in the range of 150 – 300 EUR, and lots in the 100 EUR range, and totally complete with registration cards.

Both Auctions Here


Sealed 3D0 Lucienne`s Quest – Developer Micro Cabin was able to finish Lucienne’s Quest just before Panasonic ceased all publishing for the 3DO in North America and abroad. It is said that there were only a few thousand units ever shipped to select retailers and through direct sales, causing the title to be one of the most sought-after RPG’s on the 3DO today. Here’s a non sealed copy as well.

Segagaga Limited Dreamcast Direct Edition

Segagaga is a very bizzare game. The LE includes the game in a DVD style case, T-Shirt, Segagaga Organizer and a nice wooden box filled with Sega pins.

Japan Sega Mark III Sega Mark 3 Boxed Complete – More Sega!
Japan Sega SG-1000
Sealed Resident Evil Sony PlayStation 1
Estopolis Denki II 2 (Lufia 2) Early SNES Prototype – Price is surprisingly high considering that the seller seems to have damaged the chips durring an attemt at dumping.
Mega Man 7 Complete In Box SNES – Another victum of the SNES pricing bonanza. I think I sold one a few years ago for under $50. *SIGH*
Custom Underwater Mario XBOX 360 Faceplate Signed by Charles Martinet – Nintendo XBOX Faceplate, signed by the voice of Mario. Why?
Final Fantasy V in English Super Nintendo w/ Box – Repoduction with a custom box going for rediculous money.
Sealed Toys R US Exclusive Limited Edition Pikachu Game Boy SP
Dark Knight Special Edition XBOX 360 – The price dropped out on these for quite awhile, but looks like the new movie has boosted it back up. The was a prize in a Dominoes Pizza promotion. It was issued in conjunction with the original Dark Knight movie and is one of only 55 made. It has a very glossy black finish with imprinted graphics (not decals).
NES Sachen Lot – Chinese Kungfu, Dancing Blocks, Silent Assault, Rockball. For the price, not bad for Sachen games – unless you consider the quality of the actual games themselves.
Brazilian NES Unlicensed Nintendo Caltron 6 in 1
Nintendo 3DS The Legend Of Zelda 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Black & Gold – Seems these are rising in price already.
Skylanders Crystal Set – Has anyone managed to find and chase figures in the wild? I look every time I’m at a store and have never seen one.
Final Fantasy 1 2 Premium Package PlayStation 1 – Nice Japanese exclusive.
Sega Super 32 X (Asian Edition)
Sonic 1994 Commemorative Release of Sonic Game in Brazil
Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Promo Cloth Map – Straight From the San Diego Comic Con 2012, like the old maps or yore.
SDCC 2012 Ubisoft “Assassin’s Creed III/3” Promo Inflatable Tomahawk
Dragon’s Lair Autographed Score! T-shirt by Don Bluth – Won in a contest for the iPhone Dragon’s Lair Game. iPhone version? *Heads to App Store*
Intellivison game console 2609 A With Intellivoice Module and 36 Games – Nice starter lot with boxed games.
Tooth Protectors Johnson & Johnson (Atari 2600) – Rare R9 cartridge. Label shows wear and this came loose anyways. Was only available via mail order from Johnson and Johnson.
Atari 2600 Halo Homebrew – Limited release from CGE2010. Fetches good money these days.
Wizard and the Princess Sierra-Venture by Sierra On-Line – Sealed (kinda) Atari 400/800 Game. According to Sierra’s Interaction magazine, this game can be considered a prequel to the King’s Quest series.
Gold Nintendo 64 System – This Toys “R” Us exclusive gold Nintendo 64 bundle is sure to provide hours upon hours of gaming luxury. The console is sealed in a shiny, gold-colored case and comes with two gold-colored controllers. Pics are TINY.
Fallout 3 Vault Boy Hand Puppet – Only given out at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) in 2008.
PAX 2011 Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception T-shirt Promo – Uncharted is a good game, but I don’t understand why it has such a huge collector following.
Club Nintendo Limited Gold Nunchuck – Still sealed. Seller also has a cheap Medicom Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Zombie Snake I would buy if not for the shipping cost to Canada.
Sealed Origional XBOX – Given my XBOX set is growing, I would love to own this. Not much of a sealed hardware guy though.
Sega World Sydney Sonic The Hedgeho Pin Set – This look really nice. From the now closed SegaWorld Sydney.
Sega Master System Evolution Console – Released in Brazil and features 132 built-in Master System games.


XBOX 360 SLIM Biggest Loser Limited Edition – I’m guessing this is legit, as why anyone would do this as a one off custom I can’t imagine. Maybe this was done as a promo for a Biggest Loser game?
Metal Gear Solid (Playstation) Autographed by Hideo Kojima

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