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Complete Loose SNES Super Nintendo Collection

A complete SNES collection is no small feat. While there doesn’t seem to be as many active collectors for the system as there is for, say the NES, but I think its day is coming.

From what I remember, there have been two previous complete (or close to) SNES collections for sale. One was darthvader (dlazz1 or something similar, he’s a DP guy, I remember selling him a ton of manuals at one point) in 2007. He sold off a massive collection and had several complete sets. I`m pretty sure he found a buyer and didn`t part it out. Then there was the guy who wanted to buy a fishing lodge in 08.

I wrote this about the former on here:

Last time the starting bid was 15K, this time it’s 12K. I’m really surprised that no one bid on this. The last complete NES set went for much higher than this, so I guess it’s just a matter of publicity. if you break each collection down piece by piece, a SNES collection is worth much more, plus it’s defiantly harder to assemble.

Someone post this on Penny Arcade and maybe they’ll buy it to give away at PAX like they did with a complete NES collection.

Ultimately, I can’t find a record of the final sale price for either.

As for my comment on a SNES Collection being more valuable, that’s possibly wrong depending on what makes each complete, and if one is complete like the SNES was, and the other is loose.

Now there’s a third collection up, andthis one is not cheap. Seller has an sking price of $19,999.99.

Unless these news articles on the expensive sales have done more for collecting than I could ever imagine, it will not sell at the price. He has admitted however, that he will sell it for much less via OBO and is using the auction to gauge interest.

As for truly complete, that is arguable depending on your definition. He admits it’s every game except for Mountain Bike Rally / Speed Racer ad Donkey Kong Competition. His total cartridge count is at 719. I believe however, some lists put the amount of SNES games at 724 (I need to check on this). Additionally I don’t see Super Copa there which many people would include in a complete collection.

Either way, 719 games, 194 boxes, 269 manuals and a bunch of other stuff is no small feat.



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