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Complete Super Famicom Auction

Adol has listed this before, along with many of his other obscenely expensive complete sets. He knows it`s not going to sell, and he knows he`ll get tons of exposure for it. So, I`ll oblige him.

This is the Japanese Super Famicom COMPLETE fullset. EVERY GAME ever produced for that fantastic Nintendo system. It took me YEARS to achieve, and it is probably the only Super Famicom complete collection you’ll ever see on Ebay.

That’s about 1500 titles, EVERYTHING is complete with box and instructions. There are NO loose games here, i only collect japanese complete in box (with instructions) games.Including inquiry cards,advertising,plastic baggies for cartridges,etc.

I added too Nintendo Power exclusive releases,which never came out in stores with normal box&instructions. They’re all complete with box and original&official A4 color instructions sheets!

He has stated on Forum before that he *would* sell these for the right price, but he`s cheating a bit in his auction with this:

The price is WAY more than $9999.99 (probably like $50000), but i have no option possible to settle my real asking price without anyone being able to click on buy it now button, and making me pay $100s in ebay final value fees,even if the buyer won’t pay.
This way,anyone interested would have to make a 1st down payment of $9999.99,if really interested in it,but i suggest you to contact me!
If you’re interested in that collection,feel free to make offers,i’ll respond to all offers and questions.

Either way, cool auction.

complete super famicom cib nintendo set



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