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Countdown To Christmas Day 6 & 7 Finalists Part II

Well, it may be over a week late, but here is the second batch of finalists.

As I said before, there were some amazing entries. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

6. Nintendo Super Mario Bread Sculpture with Rhodes Dough

nintendo mario sculpture

Sold for $2.40

This is one of those auctions that needs to description. Just check out that picture, wow. The fact this auction received four bids only goes to showcase how absolutely stunning this auction is. Well done.

Submitted By: Docman217

7. Toshiba Gears of War Satellite X205-SLi1 Gaming Laptop

toshiba gears of war laptop

Sold For $1,800.00

This is a very snazzy one of a kind custom Gears of War Laptop made by Toshiba. Apparently this was Grand Prize from a Gears of War tournament held at Digital Life ’07. It’s a brand new Satellite X205-SLi1 model that was custom made with the Gears of War “Cog Sign” or “Gears Symbol” in red on a black background with a glossy finish to celebrate Gears of War New release on the PC. Apparently there were four of these made by Toshiba, each made with a differnt graphics and for a differnt purpose.

Submitted By: porschepunk

8. The Act (Limited Production Arcade Standup)

the act arcade game

Sold for $2,551.00

I`m not much of an arcade guy, but I did manage to find this auction pretty interesting.

It`s a limited run arcade game cabinet called “The Act”, an innovative Personality Video game created by Cecropia. At this time, Cecropia has decided not to proceed with additional manufacturing and large-scale distribution of The Act. They`ve decided to make a very limited number of cabinets available via eBay. These cabinets are complete cabinets requiring only minimal configuration changes to make it ready to go into a location. They are in working condition.

The design is very unique and is intended to attract attention at the location and to make it easy to work on when necessary. The display is a high quality flat panel monitor. There may be some minor scratches due to it being field tested in the Boston area.

This is a very limited production run — only 8 cabinets were made in total. It is highly unlikely that an additional production run of this cabinet will ever be done again.

For more information on The Act, please look at For more information on what Cecropia is doing now, please take a look at

Submitted By: bird-one

9. Atari XE Game Machine Blueprint

atari xe lueprint

Sold For $9.93

You know at gameSniped we love internal documents. What`s better than memos and letters… blueprints of course! This is a Top Case XE Game Machine Keyboard Diagram for the Atari XE. Original Authentic Actual Internal Company Blueprint from ATARI Inc. cira 1987.

Even better, there`s still more internal docs in the sellers store.

Submitted By: porschepunk

10. Mortal Kombat Game Mask

mortal kombat sub zero

Sold For $159.00

You have to love auction descriptions like this one. All caps and no paragraphs. Fun times.

Areaways, this is a huge custom made Sub Zero mask and bust with sword. I`m still not sure if I think this is awesome, or if someone got ripped off. Either way, this auction got my attention.

Submitted By: tyhana

Anyways, those are ten of the top items Nicola and I thought were submitted. The critera varried, but basically we were looking for stuff that is cool and interesting, possibly rare or one of a kind and not easily found unless your reading gameSniped.

Poll for the winner will go up tomorrow.


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