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Custom BIG SISTER Bioshock 2 Action Figure

Ok, you know by now I obsess overreally like Custom Video Game Action Figures, or even just Video Game Action Figures in general. In fact, it might become a subset of my collecting one day.

Anyways, the Big Sister figure released by NECA is awesome in it’s own right. With a spin by Jin Saotome however, it has become infinitely awesomer.

Is awesomer a word? It is now.

This auction is for a custom made 7″ tall ‘Big Sister’ action figure with bloody splatters and light-up helmet effects. She has over 20 points of articulation with ball jointed everything, giving her a surprising amount of posing rage. Batteries are included and the switch can be left on or off for continuous light.

Get ready for Big Sister, the deadliest predator of the Bioshock 2 video game. This is one creepy yet cool figure and I was surprised at how well the articulation was! All her wrappings and ‘diving suit’ detail is there, she looks as if she stepped right out of the game. However something was missing… her eyes (portholes, windows, whatever) needed to glow! It took a while but I successfully installed a custom LED system inside Big Sister that allows you to turn on the lights as long as you want them on with a flick of a switch. It’s cleverly hidden inside her back tank and you can easily access the batteries there as well. Big Sis has also been given various blood splatters and oily residue to make her appear as if she had just finished a messy battle with the enemy.


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