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Custom Gears Of War Mighty Mugg Set

custom mighty muggs gears of war set I think this is an amazing custom, however I would be a little concerned if I were the seller. There already has been an issue with Epic Games sending a ‘cease and desist’ letter to someone for creating a nice little Gears of War Munny as Christmas present for his cousin. That was a gift with a pic posted online. As this is a sale, there could be a bigger issue. Who knows though, maybe Epic will have a little more sense about how to treat their fan community.


There’s also a Golgo 13 Mighty Mugg Custom up now as well.

Once again, don’t forget to check out the Custom Mighty Muggs Blog for more Custom Mighty Muggs. There is also a Mighty Muggs Forum with a contest where you can win over $250.00 in Muggs related prizes during September.

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