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Custom Legend of Zelda Chess Set

Wow, two custom items in one day? Maybe we’re starting to hit the summer lull for sales.

Anyways, I wish this chess set was available for purchase, becuase I would but this in a heartbeat. The creator spent a few months sculpting these beautiful pieces. Check it out!


Speaking of Zelda, there will be a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Time 3DS launch event at Nintendo World this coming sunday, June 19th between 11am-2pm. There’s probably some freebies though I’m not entirely certain if there would be one. But there was one at the Spirit Tracks launch event in which they gave away a feather stylus (the same stylus they gave away for Phantom Hourglass). There will also be a Gold Skulltula scavenger hunt as well – usually they tend to give away prizes on those contests.

I may or may not attend the event. If you scream Marco, i’ll probably yell Polo 🙂 There were a few people in line for the game at the previous event it. If you’re in New York City this week, be sure to check it out. Check out the email they sent me:


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