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Custom Made Diablo Head & Bead Sprites

diablo head statue eBay seller giblo looks to have been a hardcore Diablo collector at one point. With Diablo 3 on the horizon, it looks like he’s trying to cash out. From just about every version of Diablo sealed, a very nice poster, and a hand made Diablo head.


Also, I’m sure you’ve all seen bead sprites before, often on craft sites like etsy (the eBay for crafts), but these are some of my favorites I’ve seen. Thread has info on placing custom orders.

 nintendo bead sprites

megaman two bosses nes bead sprites

3d nes e tank megaman sprite

Link ( Forum)

Few Others:

Nice lot of 136 Nintendo Powers
Atari XF551 Floppy Disk Drive
AT&T XBOX 360 Faceplate (AT&T, Really?)
NES Gluk Policeman Cart (NA Forum)


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