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Would Mario really be this short?

    This 46″ Tall Mario Statue shows up on ebay with some regularity, though either with some unrealistic starting bid or crazy BIN. This auction starts with a very reasonable BIN with an even more reasonable starting bid (even if the location is in Utah…I mean who lives in Utah?!) The statue itself was available for purchase to retail stores and was not available to the general public. While this can make a great display piece for any game room, I am impressed what else the current owner decided to use it for. The seller writes: We purchased him at a garage sale several years ago specifically for my son’s birthday party. Since that time we have used him to advertise and point the way to garage sales, hold balloons for birthday parties, announce special occassions in front of our house (kindergarten graduation, etc.), my kids even had a “get your picture taken with Mario” stand in the lemonade stand tradition. In fact, be prepared for neighbors, friends and family to ask to borrow him for their special occassions. He is so fun, but my family has just outgrown him and he takes up considerable space. Also, my son has grown and moved on to more “pre-teen” fun.
    While I’m concerned what ‘pre-teen fun’ might refer to, the seller seems to have taken great care of the statue though if I were looking to purchase I would ask some questions about any visible scratches, paint damage, chips etc. just to be on the safe side.

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