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Dragon Age Origins 2 Signature Edition

Another year, another sequel for a Bioware title. This time around it’s for Dragon Age 2. Whatever Bioware does lately usually turns into gold so I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes another big hit for them. But like a few of their titles in the past, Bioware is giving people a chance to pre-order a special edition of the game simply dubbed “Signature Edition”. But, there’s a catch:

Pre-order Dragon Age II before January 11, 2011 and receive an automatic upgrade to the BioWare Signature Edition – a special, collector’s edition version of the game that contains loads of additional content, exclusives, and other perks. This special edition version of Dragon Age II is only available for pre-order before January 11.

If you didn’t before the cutoff date, chances are you won’t be getting the Signature Edition. It’s been off the list from the big retailers like and Gamestop. It’s kind of an effective way to sell out one specific sku at a time so you’re not left with a ton of them months and months later like that they what happened with Bioshock 2. If you want a copy of this game, as it stands today, you’ll be paying twice the MSRP. Tomorrow is the official release date, who knows maybe it could triple or quadruple.

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