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Duke Nukem 3D – Sega Genesis Mega Drive

When you hear of this game, it is very much one of those “What the hell?” moments. Unless you’re familiar with TecToy that is. TecToy was the Brazilian Sega distributer and what pumping out ports of all kinds of random games long after eveyone else had moved on from the genesis.

As you would expect, Duke Nukem 3D is a highly simplified version of the game, including only a basic version of the second episode, Lunar Apocalypse. Rather than porting the level design from the original game, this version features original levels with a flat layout and 90-degree angles only (similar to Wolfenstein 3D). Textures, sprites and sounds are largely ported from the PC version in greatly reduced quality.

According to some sites, 3DRealms considers the game unauthorized while Tec Toy claims to have obtained a license from publisher GT Interactive. It is also speculated that the game is an extensive modification of the game Zero Tolerance.

There’s a complete copy for sale here.


Duke Nukem PS1 Character Memory Card
3D Realms 1997 Duke Nukem Action Figure MOSC

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