Entire SNES Collection – Relisted

Since last time it got no bids, we once again have:

That’s right, all 720 unique carts, and a bonus 74 sealed duplicate carts.

Last time the starting bid was 15K, this time it’s 12K. I’m really surprised that no one bid on this. The last complete NES set went for much higher than this, so I guess it’s just a matter of publicity. if you break each collection down piece by piece, a SNES collection is worth much more, plus it’s defiantly harder to assemble.

Someone post this on Penny Arcade and maybe they’ll buy it to give away at PAX like they did with a complete NES collection. Or spread the word and Digg this story and end up seeing this auction featured on Attack Of the Show. this collection is so awesome, that it deserves to be sold.
Complete SNES CollectionComplete SNES CollectionComplete SNES Collection

Go here to read an interview I did with the seller when it was listed the first time.


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