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European Odyssey system! Mega Drive protos. SNES DEV! NY shops!

Most expensive homebrew-reproduction ever?
I mean, even the original Pepsi Invader is cheaper!

Game Boy Light Famitsu mail order LE

This should be quite uncommon.

European Odyssey

This is the real deal, in great shape!!!!

Mega Drive-Genesis protos

the Cosmic Spacehead looks like a J-Cart but it’s violet! How cool!

SNES DEV System?

I bought this from a guy who used to work at nintendo he said they used this machine to develop games i opened it and it has some odd chip set with the connector port on the side as seen in the pic it does work it plays all games and is a dev kit

Other stuff:
Great Dragon’s Lair production cel
Yaroze loose
Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Large Counter Display

Ok, now let me talk a little bit about the stores I’ve visited in my trip.
First one is the Video Games New York. It’s easy to find and it has a big Mario statue in the front. Once you get in, you feel a bit like if you’re in Akihabara: the store is absolutely filled with games and systems from all eras. From the Marty to the Vic-20. There’s no more free space! You’ll even find junk-boxes. Even better, nothing is written in Japanese. Well, almost nothing: they have a small selection of Japanese items.
All the walls are filled with games. The rarities are closed in big showcases, locked. There was a cool Virtual Boy kiosk I was temped to ask about…
So, great selection, a lot of commons, funny items and promos, like the Q-Bert puzzles or the various handhelds. Prices are good for common stuff. Rare items are very expensive. Like a Genesis released review proto priced at 199 usd. But this is a shop, not eBay. And is situated in New York. So you’ve a great selection, you can touch by hand and the peole who work there is very very nice.
Absolutely worth a visit!!!
And prepare yourself to digg in the various boxes randomly filled with stuff. You may find the unexpected!
Some pics I did:
Video Games New York
Video Games New York handhelds

I went out of the shop and suddenly saw a weird sign.
If Video Games New York will bring you a bit in Akihabara, prepare yourself for a taste of Mandarake. Here comes Toy Zipangu!

Toy Zipangu
Toy Zipangu inside

A good selection of action figures and one of the nicest shop owners in New York, Tamaki!
All the Japanese stuff an otaku needs.

So, check both stores while in NY!

And no, I didn’t get paid for this. But when I find nice people, I’m happy to show their works!

Next time I’ll talk you about my trip to Clifton and to the Digital Press shop-shrine.

Stay tuned!

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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