Final Fantasy Fan Fest 08 Goodies Bag

final fantasy fan fest 08 goodies bag Gobbie Bag available ONLY to those who attended FFxi FanFest 2008 in Hollywood.  Includes all the content originally put in the bag.  Includes: FFxi FanFest 2008 notebook and pen (unopened), Tarot cards (unopened), In-game “Nomad Moogle Shield” and “Challenge Pack” reward code sheet, envelope opened but code never used…CODE EXPIRES MARCH 30, 2009, and event program. The program is slightly bent along the binding. I’ve also thrown in the lanyard that says “Final Fantasy XI FanFestival 2008” on it, free AlienWare keychain and Wi-Fi access card. 🙂  (The Wi-Fi card had a code for Wi-Fi access during the event – it has no use now.  I’m including it because it came in the bag.) I sadly no longer have a FFxi account which is why the code was never used.



Diablo 2 Standee
Amiga CD32 (turns the CD32 into an A1200)
Sweet Mario Sign
Inforcom Zork Trology (I love pricey PC games)

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