gameSniped Countdown Till Christmas Grand Prize Winner!

Congrats to jcalder8 who submitted the Rare Game Boy Collection auction. The readers have chosen you as the winner! This was quite an auction and very worthy of the prize.

As far as I’m concerned, It had two very important gameSniped components. It was something rare that most people probably have never heard of, and it was also something that you wouldn’t normally stumble across on eBay.

Great job!

The contest was certainly close, with the Jack Thompson Signed GTA Game submitted by skcin7 coming in number two. This was actually the clear leader and most likely winner until a few hours before the deadline.

Now an explanation. I understand that some people think that skcin7 cheated by submitting his own auction, one which he openly admitted to posting just for the purpose of the contest. Heres why I decided to allow it despite several protests.

First off, I didn’t state that this wasn’t allowed. This is a lesson for future contests, but I admire the ingenuity of the idea.
Secondly, he wasn’t sneaky about it. If he had tried to sneak this in without admitting it was his own, than maybe I would have disqualified it. He was totally above board however, with both the auction and his intentions.
Third, if it sold he would donate the proceeds to charity (the best charity there is in fact- how fitting). Yes, I realize that it was unlikely to sell for $4,000. That price point however, is on the cusp of the point where some insane individual might consider buying it. If gameSniped was Kotaku, JoyStiq or another site with massive funds, I would have bought it in a second. Any gaming company that dropped the 4k for it would definitely get their money worth back in free publicity. Imagine a site like Penny Arcade bought it…. especially given their prior experiences with Mr. Thompson.
Finally, it was worthy. At gameSniped we often write about insanely rare obscure things that 99% of most people wont care about. Thats our job and the nature of the hobby. We do like to focus on the broader stuff that comes along which will get picked up on other blogs, get new visitors to the site and if were lucky, get new blood into the hobby.
On that aspect, Id definitely write about the GTA auction over a few Game Boy systems if I had to choose. I

I actually voted for neither as I found another auction more in line with my personal interests. I’m glad we decided to let you all choose this winner.

That said, the readers have voted and the results are in!

Ill be contacting all the winners over the next few days and making some posts about the prizes as well.


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