Gears of War Hot Wheels Convoy Custom, Chrono Tirgger SNES Proto & Limited Edition Resident Evil Dreamcasts

The Biohazard Code Veronica Dreamcasts came in two variations, both produced to celebrate the Japanese release of Capcom’s Resident Evil. Both models had the same CODE:Veronica STARS package, have a skeleton casing (Red for Claire and Purple for S.T.A.R.S), a grey underside and have a sticker on the back of the console with their internal serial number (Claire: xxxx/1800, STARS xxx/200).

Each system was bundled with a matching controller and grey VMU, Resident Evil: Code Veronica game, Dream Passport 2, documentation and link cables, and BioHazard merchandise. There are reports of two second prints for both models: 50 Claire Version systems through Dreamcast DIRECT about one year after the initial release and 30 STARS through a FAMITSU contest. There are no differences but the lack of the sticker on the back of the console and Claire being bundled with BioHazard Code: Veronica Complete (T-1240M) game instead of the regular edition. Details are unknown (including the printing veracity itself) as information on these run on word of mouth.

Biohazard Code Veronica S.T.A.R.S Dreamcast console #128/200
Biohazard Code Veronica CLAIRE Red Dreamcast console #703/1800

A couple of my other favourites today are this Gears of War custom Hot Wheels and this SNES Chrono Trigger Proto. Seems to be final retail though and it’s been VGA’d (sigh).


Police Quest III: The Kindred Sealed PC
Super 3D Noahs Ark Nintendo SNES Complete CIB
Nintendo- Peek A Boo Poker – Game – NES – PANESIAN
Spyro The Dragon Glass Etched Orb Paperweight Promo
Super Nintendo Entertainment System Video Game Stunt Race FX Pin
Famicom Nes Sunsoft Complete GIMMICK – 120+ bids!
Elder Scrolls Arena Deluxe Edition Boxed CD-ROM
PS3 PlayStation 3 Need for Speed Most Wanted Limited Edition NFS Steelbook
Sega Genesis Display Kiosk
Eight Issues of Rare Atari Age Magazine
1 of 25 Gamestop GEARS OF WAR Fossil WATCH Promo Item
1993 MYST “Stoneship Age” China Coffee Cup Mug
Wings Out of Shadow by Fred Saberhagen (Signed) – Game from one of my favorite authors. Apple II, 5.25″. Also a copy of Berserker Raids.
Nintendo 64 N64 Logo Store Display Promo Huge Sign – Huge, coffee table sized.
MISTER CHIEF original, by Frank [Frankie] O’Connor – Signed and dated by Frankie, former content manager at Bungie, now director at 343 Industries.


Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter
Atari 2600 Video Life by Commavid
Mega Man Legends 1, 2, and Misadventures of Tron Bonne – SIGNED BY KEIJI INAFUNE


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