Genesis Blockbuster Competition cart, Atari artwork slides!

In 1995 Blockbuster Video Corporation organized the second Blockbuster World Video Game Championship. For SNES, Rare made the special Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge. But the Genesis too, was used! Acclaim made a special event cart, the Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II that couldn’t be sold after the competition. They had to dispose of these.
But now, I’m selling one!
Genesis Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II

Atari original Source Artwork slides from Warbirds, Kung Food, Baseball Hero’s for Lynx; Realsports Baseball, Basic Programming, Sprintmaster, Crystal Castles, Circus Atari, Millipede, Desert Falcon, RS Baseball for 2600; Basketbrawl, Centipede for 7800; Realsports Baseball, Air Sea Battle, Centipede for the Japanese 2800; Centipede & Millipede for 5200/XE; Centipede Atarisoft.

Atari Service Factory Authorized Network coffee mug

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