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Goldeneye 64 Press Kit

This press kit is probably the most bare I’ve seen over the years. But there’s probably a lot worse than this one. It’s cheap too ($19.99 atm).

This is the super rare N64 Goldeneye promotional press kit. A 16-page book with early screenshots, descriptions of characters, weapons, and locations, ads for the game, game guide, Nintendo Power, Goldeneye Movie merchandise, and an unused Toys R Us coupon for the game. Book comes in a Goldeneye 007 semi-gloss folder with Nintendo and N64 logos on back. Book is in mint condition. Folder is in good condition with some wear from the original mailing and the original mailing label.

Goldeneye for the 64 was one of the best games for the system. The game was even headed to Xbox Live Arcade but Microsoft and Nintendo couldn’t reach an agreement (it’s most likely that money was the case). To make up for the lack of 1st party release for the Wii, Nintendo decided to remake the game but with the current Bond, Daniel Craig, as supposed to Pierce Brosnan as the original lead role.

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