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Grand Theft Auto IV Review

gta 4 logo As mentioned yesterday, I picked up GTA4. Now, I won’t waste time doing a massive review as sixty thousand other sites have already done.  All I have to say is that I just don’t get it.

I’ve only gotten a few hours in, but already I just don’t see the hype. It’s a good game, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t get the perfect ratings the game has been getting from several reviewers.

There’s nothing groundbreaking here. It’s GTA. If you like previous GTA’s, you’ll like this one. If you hated previous GTA’s, you’ll hate this one too. The new features are nice, the updated graphics are nice, but at it’s core it has the exact same mechanics as all the previous games. It’s not a re-envisioning of the series the way the third installment was.

My main complaint though? Niko is a doucebag who I could care less about. Where’s a "Tommy" Vercetti like character who I can root for while I kill hookers? Maybe that will come later in the game, but I don’t see it.

Anyway, it is a good game. I like it, I’ll play it, and I’ll probably come back and try to get 100%. It’s just not the second coming of Jesus in video game form as several reviews have made it out to be.

Lastly, If you’re interested in some gameSniped multi-player madness, my XBL tag is Sph2nx. Look me up.


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